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Hardwoods Development Council Members

The Pennsylvania Hardwoods Development Council was created by an act of the Pennsylvania General Assembly in 1988 to promote the Commonwealth's forest products industry.  The 25 member Council represents the Governor's cabinet, the Pennsylvania General Assembly, industry, regional hardwood groups, academia, and other agencies.

  • Honorable Russell C. Redding, Chairman
    Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
  • Mr. Marcus Annicelli
    SelecTrim Corp.
  • Mr. Keith Atherholt
    Lewis Lumber Products
  • Mr. Ed Cesa (Ex-Officio)
    USDA Forest Service
  • Mr. Mark Critz
    Pennsylvania Rural Development Council
  • Mr. Doug Cummings
    Cummings Veneer Products
  • Honorable Dennis M. Davin
    Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Resources
  • Mr. Daniel Devlin
    State Forester
  • Honorable Cindy Adams Dunn
    Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Mr. Lucas Dellinger
    Domtar Paper, Inc.
  • Mr. Anthony Hahn
    Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation
  • Ms. Sarah Hall-Bagdonas
    Northern Tier Hardwood Association
  • Mr. Elam M. Herr
    PA State Association of Township Supervisors
  • Honorable Scott Hutchinson
    Senate of Pennsylvania
  • Mr. Cameron Koons
    Deer Park Lumber
  • Mr. Scott J. Kurtzman
    Glatfelter Pulp Wood Company
  • Dr. Michael Messina
    The Pennsylvania State University
  • Mr. Gerald Naugle
    Brodart Company
  • Honorable Kathy Rapp
    Pennsylvania House of Representatives
  • Honorable Leslie Richards
    Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  • Honorable Pedro A. Rivera
    Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Education
  • Ms. Susan Swanson
    Allegheny Hardwood Utilization Group
  • Mr. David Yeany
    Yeany Maple LLC
  • Honorable Eddie Day Pashinski
    Pennsylvania House of Representatives