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Farmland Preservation

Pennsylvania leads the nation in the number of farms and acres permanently preserved for agricultural production. The program guarantees a future food supply and contributes to a healthier economy. It also assures a way of life Pennsylvanian's cherish will continue for generations to come. The program is a partnership between all levels of government and non-profit organizations - with a common goal of saving prime farmland. Learn More

​Food Distribution

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is helping low-income Pennsylvanians access nutritious food.
The Bureau of Food Distribution is a vital part of the process that helps move food from the farm to the dinner table so more Pennsylvanians can share in the harvest. Using state and federal resources, the bureau works with Pennsylvania's more than 1,800 local food banks and pantries, lead agencies, soup kitchens, and other local non-profit organizations to secure food products and funding. ​Learn More

​PA Preferred

PA Preferred™ was introduced in January 2004. The Program's members are licensees, meaning that they are licensed to use the Program's registered logo: a Blue keystone with a gold checkmark. Products bearing the logo have been grown, harvested and, if applicable, processed in Pennsylvania. Research has shown that 93 percent of Pennsylvanians want to buy and consume local products. The PA Preferred Program serves both producers and consumers by identifying them. ​Learn More

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, under Governor Tom Wolf, has launched a workforce development initiative, part of which is to promote and expand the state’s agriculture education opportunities, as well as career and technical education (CTE) programs.  Learn More