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Preserved Farms Resource Center

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It’s not enough to preserve Pennsylvania farmland – we need to ensure that future generations are ready and able to continue working our land. That is the mission of the new Preserved Farms Resource Center.
The center facilitates business succession and planning for Pennsylvania’s growing number of preserved farms, currently numbering over 5,000. It complements the work of the bureau and the Pennsylvania State Agricultural Land Preservation Board, which focuses on safeguarding the best farmland throughout the state that is under development pressure. The center focuses on providing support following the act of preservation.
The center is focused on planning for estates, transition and succession, and farm viability and businesses by building teams of discussion facilitators, accountants, financial planners, lenders, conservation and nutrient management planners, and veterinarians who can provide expertise in the process.
Help Us Help You – Complete Our Survey
Help guide the center’s mission by completing the Preserved Farm Transition Planning Preliminary Survey, even if you have no immediate plans to transition your operation. The survey documents areas where the center can assist your preserved farm in transition, succession, and business planning. These survey results will give the center a clearer understanding of the current state of farm management in Pennsylvania, and how these operations plan to transition in coming years and decades.
If you indicate so on the survey, the center will work with your farm to assemble a team of professionals tailored to meet your particular transitional interests.

Please email surveys to PA Farmland Resource Center, or mail to the address on the sidebar at right.
Additional Transition Planning Resources
Other resources in Pennsylvania and beyond can also help with transition planning:
Center for Dairy Excellence  Transition Planning Resources 
Farm Journal Legacy Project –
Legacy by Design - Succession Planning for America's Agricultural Community:
Nationwide Insurance and PA Farm Bureau – Land as Your Legacy
PDA’s Center for Farm Transitions at
Pennsylvania Farm Link at
University of Minneasota Farm Transfer and Estate Planning: 
University of Vermont – Family Farm Succession
USDA - A New Generation on the Land:

Farm Transition Workshops

  • December 1, 2017 Workshop Presentations  
                                  Doug Wolfgang.pdf
                                  Michelle Kirk.pdf
                                  Kyle Heffner.pdf
                                  Ron Bare & Ryan Kurtz.pdf
                                  Jay Clark.pdf

  • November 10, 2016 Workshop Presentations  
                                  Doug Wolfgang - Pa Farmland Preservation.pdf
                                  Jared Grissinger - Financial Challenges of Succession.pdf
                                  Jay Clark -Tax Planning for Generational Farm Transfers-November 10 2016.pdf
                                  Ron Bare and Ryan Kurtz - Planning for Farm Succession.pdf

The Preserved Farms Resource Center can help you assemble the resources needed for your unique needs. Complete a survey and let us help you plan for the future of your operation.