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All Farmers Market Vendors, with a few exceptions, must obtain a Retail Food License and be under inspection to operate a food facility of any kind at a farmers market, whether the market is indoor or outside.  Each individual stand is considered its own retail food facility and must obtain its own license to operate.

All foods sold at a farmers market stand must be from an approved food producer/source.  Review the below FAQs for details.  To apply for a Retail Food License please complete the "Application Packet-Farmers Markets".  If a Farmers Market is located in a Local Health jurisdiction, please contact that jurisdiction directly for licensing requirements.

Local Health Departments.pdfLocal Health Departments.pdf

All foods and beverages sold at farmers markets must be from an approved source.  An approved source is a facility that is under inspection by a Regulatory Authority.  If the production (or storage) of the food is NOT occurring at the farmers market itself, the production site must be under inspection.  This might be a food processing facility, home-style food establishment or a retail food facility.  Review the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below for details.

If you are looking to produce food in a home or home-style kitchen, please visit the "Limited Food Establishment" page for further details.

If you are looking to produce food in a commercial type kitchen please visit the "Manufacturing, Processing, Distribution, Warehousing, Wholesale" page for further details.