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The retail food program covers all proprietors who serve or sell food/drink directly to the public.  Retailers include facilities such as restaurants, bars, beer distributors, caterers, mobile units, grocery stores, internet sales of foods, fair concessionaires, retail bakeries, and any facility selling directly to the end consumer.

There are several specific programs under the Retail Food Program. They are:


  1. Retail Foods and Restaurants - Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Mobile Units, Food Auctions,Grocery Stores, Beer Distributors, Schools, Caterers and similar.
  2. Farmers Markets - Any farmers market stand/vendor with food or drink.  This would include indoor or outdoor farmers markets or farmers market stands.
  3. Fairs and Other Temporary Event - Events lasting 14 days or less.
  4. Frozen Dessert - Production and service of frozen desserts such as soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, italian ice and similar.


Not all Retail Food Facilities in Pennsylvania are under the jurisdiction of the PA Department of Agriculture.  Six counties - Allegheny, Bucks, Chester, Erie, Montgomery, and Philadelphia - have county health departments, and conduct retail inspections and licensing in their jurisdictions. Some local municipalities, boroughs, townships, cities, etc., also do their own inspection and licensing of eating and drinking facilities.  If your facility is, or will be, located in a Local Health jurisdiction you should contact your local health department for assistance with licensing.



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Retail Food Safety Inspection Reports

Inspection reports of PDA inspected facilities is available under "Food Safety Inspection Reports"