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​Animal Health & Diagnostic Commission (AHDC)

The Animal Health and Diagnostic Commission was created by Act 148 of 1988 to be a departmental administrative commission. The Legislative findings and intent of this act were: ​Learn More

Animal Health & Diagnostic Services

Keeping Pennsylvania Growing means protecting animals born and raised here, as well as visitors. The Bureau of Animal Health and Diagnostic Services is responsible for managing diseases in livestock and poultry. Learn More

​Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement

Keeping Pennsylvania Growing means managing the millions of dogs living in the state. BDLE is responsible for ensuring the welfare of breeding dogs and puppies in commercial breeding kennels.
Learn More

Food Safety

Keeping Pennsylvania Growing means safe food and safe dining experiences. The Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services plays a critical role in protecting Pennsylvanians and our visitors by regulating the tens of thousands of eating and drinking establishments, retail food stores, and food manufacturers found across the state to ensure compliance with food safety laws. Learn More

Plant Industry

Keeping Pennsylvania Growing is taken very literally in this Bureau. The Bureau of Plant Industry provides services to maintain and protect Pennsylvania agriculture through both consumer protection and product regulation. Learn More

Racing Commissions
Horse and harness racing are a valuable part of the agriculture industry in this state, and an essential piece of the social and cultural fabric of Pennsylvania. Keeping Pennsylvania Growing means managing the growth and promotion of this vital segment of the agricultural economy. Learn More

​Ride & Measurement Standards

Keeping PA Growing means ensuring that our citizens are protected. The Amusement Ride Safety Program serves citizens and visitors by enforcing the safety laws specific to amusement rides and attractions, keeping them safe when enjoying leisure time. ​Learn More

State Conservation Commission

Keeping Pennsylvania Growing means being good stewards of our natural resources. The State Conservation Commission is a 14-member commission that has a primary mission to ensure the wise use of PA's natural resources.Learn More