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Raise the Fee for PA Pups

The Department of Agriculture has been warning the legislature for years that the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement was about to run out of money and that protections for Pennsylvania's dogs were at risk.

Now, it's happened. After 25 years with the same $6.50 dog license fee to fund their vital work, the bureau is out of money.

Did you know that dog wardens are the only entity legally authorized to enter Pennsylvania's kennels – where dogs live and are bred – without a search warrant?

Did you know that the only way for Humane Society Police Officers to get a foot in the door to these places to seize animals, is following a cruelty referral from a dog warden?

The dogs that live in these places rely on dog wardens to be their eyes and ears.

If you want to rid Pennsylvania of bad actors who don't care for the health and wellbeing of dogs, who don't care if their dogs are living in boiling heat or if their feet are wounded from walking in a suspended cage with wire flooring, show your support for Senate Bill 232 and House Bill 526. Contact your legislator.

Learn more about the problem in the 2020 Annual Report for the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement.


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Senate Bill 232 & House Bill 526

​What's at Risk?

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