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RMTC Guidelines and MMV (pdf)

ARCI Uniform Classification Guidelines - Penalty Recommendations 7-25-16 (pdf)

Schedule of Therapeutic Meds - Standard Horses Only (pdf)

SHRC Statement



Delegation of Duties to the Thoroughbred and Standardbred Bureau Directors (pdf) 2016-1

Approval of Consolidated License Free Schedule (pdf) 2016-2

Farrier Licensing Procedure, Tesing and Regulation Compliance (pdf) 2016-3

Approval of consolidated License Free Schedule (Addendum) (pdf) 2016-4

Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc., (Meadows Transition) (pdf) 2016-5

Policy Governing Confidentiality of Information (pdf) 2016-6


Fair Stakes Conditions and Stakes Guide (pdf) 2017-1

Multiple Medication Violation Point System (ARCI – Recommendation) (pdf) 2017-2

Application Submission Period (pdf) 2017-3

New Primary Racetrack Facility and Pari-Mutuel License Application Procedures (pdf) 2017-3

Standardbred Bleeders Program (pdf) 2017-4

Out of Competition Testing Program (pdf) 2017-5

Pylon Rule (pdf) 2017-6

Ejection/Denial of Admission Hearing Procedures (pdf) 2017-8

New Primary Racetrack Facility and Pari-Mutual License Application Procedures (New Application Submission Period) (pdf) 2017-9

Horse Positive: Judge/Stewards List (pdf) 2017-10

Selection of Drawing of Horses-RE-DRAW Provision (Standardbred Only) (pdf) 2017-11

Prohibited Practices (pdf) 2017-12

Equine Veterinary Practices (pdf) 2017-13

Policy Governing Confidentiality of Information (pdf) 2017-14

Equipment - Safety Helmets (Standardbred Only) (pdf) 2017-15

Equipment - Safety Helmets & Vests (Thoroughbred Only) (pdf) 2017-16


Lasix Admin - 2-Year-Old Horses (Thoroughbred Only) (pdf) 2018-1

Administrative Hearing Bond 2018 (pdf) 2018-2

Ejection/Denial of Admission Hearing Procedures (as amended) (pdf) 2018-3

Schedule of Therapeutic Meds (Standard Only) (pdf) 2018-4

Rules of Administrative Practice & Procedure - Intervention Procedures (pdf) 2018-5

Amendment to Ambulance Regulation (Thoroughbred Only) (pdf) 2018-6

Amendment to Ambulance Regulation and First Aid Facilities Regulations (Standardbred Only) (pdf) 2018-7

Claiming Regulations and Procedures (pdf) 2018-8

Secondary Pari-Mutual Organization (SPMO) Electronic Wagering License Application (pdf) 2018-9

Urine and Blood Testing Procedures (pdf) 2018-10


Temporary Regulation - 2 Year Old Lasix (Harness) Administrative Docket (pdf) 2019-1

Claiming Reg Thoroughbred-Administrative Docket (pdf) 2019-2

Chuckas - Acting Bureau Director Delegation Order - Administrative Docket (pdf) 2019-3

Pari-Mutuel Wagering Ticket - Docket (pdf) 2019-8

Non-Primary Location Temp Reg Docket (pdf) 2019-13

Anti-Doping Compact Resolution - Docket (pdf) 2019-17