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​Dairy Future Commission

Pennsylvania ranks 7th nationally in total milk production, with nearly 520,000 cows producing more than 10.6 billion pounds of milk annually. The industry supports 52,000 jobs and contributes $14.7 billion to the state's economy. However, challenging market conditions have led to a decrease in the number of farms and dairy cows in the state.

The Dairy Future Commission, the result of Act 66, signed in July 2019, is responsible for reviewing the status of Pennsylvania's dairy industry and making recommendations to support a bright future.

Specifically, they will review:

  • Processing production and marketing,
  • Current issues facing the industry,
  • Statutory, regulatory, and local government impacts in the industry, and
  • Other aspects of Pennsylvania's dairy industry as identified by the commission.

Within one year, the commission will submit a report of findings and recommendations for the industry to the legislature. Creating a favorable environment for Pennsylvania dairy farms is critical to the industry's ability to grow.

Commission Members:

Russell C. Redding, Secretary, PA Department of Agriculture

Jared Grissinger, Governor's Action Team, PA Department of Community and Economic Development

Bryan Barbin, Deputy Secretary for Taxation, PA Department of Revenue

Jon Fleming, Director of Bureau of Maintenance and Operations, PA Department of Transportation

Doug Goodlander, Environmental Program Manager, PA Department of Environmental Protection

Elder Vogel, Senator, Senate Ag & Rural Affairs Committee Chair

Judy Schwank, Senator, Senate Ag & Rural Affairs Committee Minority Chair

Judy Ward, Senator, House Ag & Rural Affairs Minority Chair

Martin Causer, Representative, House Ag & Rural Affairs Chair

Eddie Day Pashinski, Representative, Senate Ag & Rural Affairs Minority Chair

Johnathan Hershey, Representative

Brett Reinford, Reinford Farms

Gary Truckenmiller, Dry Run Dairy

Steve Turner, Turner Dairies

Carissa Itle Westwick, Vale Wood Farms

Erik Coolidge, Tioga County Commissioner, Le-Ma-Re Farms

Carol Hardbarger, Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board

Jayne Sebright, Center for Dairy Excellence

David Swartz, Assistant Director of Animal System Programs, Penn State University

Glenn Stoltzfus, PA Farm Bureau

Mary Kandray Gelesner, Center for Rural Pennsylvania

Dina Zug, Pennsylvania State Grange

Doug Harbach, Schrack Farms 

Lisa Graybeal, Graywood Farms