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Homegrown by Heroes Pennsylvania -- header-01.jpgHomegrown by Heroes​

A blended logo but a simple message: Homegrown by Heroes is a program for PA Preferred® members who are veterans. The program allows veteran members to add the Homegrown by Heroes logo to their products so that consumers can easily identify it and support veteran-owned businesses. A program of the Farmer Veteran Coalition, Homegrown by Heroes was founded by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture in January 2013. 

The label has been administered nationally by the Farmer Veteran Coalition since Veterans Day of that same year. Since then, the program has expanded and is now in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico. Pennsylvania introduced the Homegrown by Heroes logo in 2015. If you're a veteran and a farmer, the benefits to participating are clear: The Homegrown by Heroes label differentiates veteran-produced products in competitive markets. It provides consumers a tangible way to support veterans. 

America loves veterans and there is no better way for citizens to show their support than by purchasing the fruit of their labor. Displaying the logo on products gives veterans the point-of-sale visibility needed to be successful in the marketplace. Displaying the logo on a farmers' market stand–or anywhere you do business–invites consumers to ask about the logo, providing an opportunity for the veteran to share their story and build a lasting connection with their customers. Homegrown by Heroes brand awareness is growing rapidly. Your products will be associated with a unique and honorable brand, giving you a competitive advantage.