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Emergency Food Assistance Advisory Committee

A provision of the State Food Purchase Program (SFPP) Act – Act 129 of 1992 – Is the creation of an Emergency Food Assistance Advisory Committee. As outlined in 7 Pa. Code §160.17, the committee meets no less than twice per year to provide information, advice, and guidance to the department on the operation of the State Food Purchase Program, as well as other food assistance programs administered by the Bureau of Food Distribution.

Members of the Emergency Food Assistance Advisory Committee are experts in different areas of emergency feeding and nutrition. These members are appointed to the committee by the Secretary of Agriculture, and full membership must be between 10 and 15 members. No more than three members may be state employees.

By regulation (7 Pa. Code §160.17), the membership of EFAAC is as follows:

  • Secretary of Agriculture or designee
  • SFPP administrator
  • Representative of the Governor’s Office
  • Regional food bank representatives (two members)
  • County government/emergency food provider representatives (two to five members)
  • Food and nutrition advocate representatives (two to four members)
  • Dietician, nutritionist or other person trained in nutrition (one member)


Questions on this program should be directed to the program contact or by calling 800-468-2433, or emailing at