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Specialty Fertilizer Registration Application

Form Type: Application
Specialty fertilizer registration application.

Download the Specialty Fertilizer Registration Application

Directions for Renewing Specialty Fertilizer Registration

Important Note
The definition of specialty fertilizer has changed to include fertilizer for non-farm use and fertilizer material primarily intended to supply secondary and micronutrients.

Multi-purpose products intended to supply plant nutrients, soil/plant amendments and/or liming materials must be labeled, licensed and registered (as required) under each respective law prior to being offered for sale, sold or distributed in Pennsylvania.

Please read the following directions before preparing your application for specialty fertilizer renewal.  Errors which may require you to resubmit your application can be avoided by carefully reading and complying with these directions.  If you have any questions about preparing your application for renewal, please do not hesitate to contact the Program Specialist, at (717) 772-5203.

The annual fee for registration per brand and grade of specialty fertilizer is $25.00.

Registration Period
The specialty fertilizer registration period is July 1 of the current year to June 30 of the next year.

Requirements for Renewal

  1. Completion of form.  In addition, a product sheet listing your current registrations.

    "Directions for Completing Form"

    1. Company Name and Address provided should be the guarantor's name that appears on the label of the product.

    2. The section of the form listed as Complete Brand Name and Guaranteed Composition  (Grade) must be completed.  The attached product sheet listing the firm's registered products should be reviewed at this time.

      If there are no changes or additions, please print "no changes" under the Brand Name on the form API-205.

      If there are just deletions, print the word "delete" and place a line through the product(s) to be deleted on the product list provided.

      Any changes to current registrations and additions require the proper sections of form 
      API-205 be completed.  Please note if the product is an "addition" or a "change".  Micronutrients must be stated on the API-205 in the order required on the label.

    3. Signature, Title and Date - This section must be completed by the company representative responsible for the registration of specialty fertilizers.

  2. Complete labels or photocopies of complete labels must be submitted with each brand and grade of product.  The specialty fertilizer registration renewals will not be processed without complete labels.

  3. Fee - A check or money order payable to the "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" for the registration of specialty fertilizers must be provided with the application.  A check for payment of a combination of fees other than specialty fertilizer registration will be returned.

Submission of the application for renewals
Required materials for registration renewal.

  1. A completed and signed API-205(PDF).
  2. The current product registration list.
  3. Complete labels for all products.
  4. A check for the appropriate fee amount.

Return all required materials to the following address:

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Bureau of Plant Industry
Attn:  Program Specialist
2301 N. Cameron Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110-9408