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​Don't Let the Spotted Lanternfly Stop Your Business

Your business relies on commerce, but the spotted lanternfly threatens to stop you in your tracks. Pennsylvania businesses whose operations require the movement of products or vehicles, or any forms of conveyance throughout the state, are required to obtain a Spotted Lanternfly permit. A permit shows other businesses and states your due diligence to avoid transporting SLF to new areas. It also assures your customers that they're getting what they ordered, without an invasive hitchhiker.

Spotted Lanternfly on Equipment.jpgWhat to do:

  • Managers/supervisors are required to complete an online permit training course to demonstrate a working knowledge and understanding of the pest and quarantine requirements
  • All employees must then be trained on what to look for and how to safeguard against moving the spotted lanternfly to new areas
  • Records of training, inspection of vehicles, and other control measures (such as vehicle washes, destruction of lanternfly, etc) must be maintained for two years.

There is no cost to obtain a permit.