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On May 1, 2019, in conjunction with the Pennsylvania State Police, the Department of Agriculture began performing compliance and enforcement checks, enforcing the Spotted Lanternfly permits. Businesses who travel in, out, or throughout the Spotted Lanternfly quarantine are required to obtain a Spotted Lanternfly permit.

For Businesses, agencies, and organizations a Spotted Lanternfly permit is required for those located or working within the quarantine, who move vehicles, products or other conveyances within or out of the quarantine.

Spotted Lanternfly permits are reciprocal between states.

The quarantine may be expanded to new areas as further detections of the Spotted Lanternfly are confirmed. Intentional movement of the Spotted Lanternfly is expressly prohibited and is a serious offense. Violations could result in criminal or civil penalties and/or fines.

Read more about the Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine, and see exactly where it is using our interactive map