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​Permit Classes

Spotted lanternfly (SLF) is an invasive insect from Asia currently found in Pennsylvania (PA) and some neighboring states. This pest threatens important agricultural commodities including grape, hardwood, fruit trees, landscape and nursery industries that contribute $19-25 billion dollars annually to PA’s economy. 

The PA Department of Agriculture issued a Spotted Lanternfly Order of Quarantine and Treatment to stop the movement of SLF to new areas within or outside of the quarantine, and to slow its spread within the quarantine. All residents and businesses must comply with the regulations. Visit the SLF Quarantine & Permitting page for quarantine information including quarantined counties.

All agricultural and non-agricultural businesses, agencies, and organizations working within the quarantine, which move products, vehicles or other conveyances within or out of the quarantine are required to obtain an SLF permit. Businesses located in SLF infested areas of other states must also have a permit if traveling or transporting goods into PA. 

Owners, supervisors, or managers designated by the business should complete the training.     

Training classes are being offered free of charge to those with no or limited internet access. The classes will consist of a pre-recorded training session followed by a 20-question exam. A score of 70% (14/20) is required to pass and to receive a permit. 

To register for the course, please contact 717-787-5674 or

Until classes can safely resume, the online permit course is available through Penn State Extension.