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dead spotted lanternfliesThe department's recommended technique for controlling spotted lanternfly is host tree removal and trap tree establishment. 

Spotted Lanternfly Property Management Tips

Knowing that spotted lanternfly has to feed on Tree of Heaven allows for strategic targeting of spotted lanternfly. To do this, kill about 90% of tree heaven on your property. Simply cutting down Tree of Heaven is not sufficient to kill it; you must apply herbicide to the stump. Trees selected to be killed should be females (the seed producing trees). Killing of Tree of Heaven can be done year round.  Starting in May, treat the remaining 10% of tree of heaven on your property with a systemic insecticide, PDA is using products containing Dinotefuran. When Spotted Lanternfly starts to congregate to Tree of Heaven in late July, they will feed on your trap trees and are killed.

In instances where host tree removal and trap establishment isn’t feasible, homeowners can scrape egg masses. Egg masses are live and viable from about October through July.  Volunteers can scrape them off of trees or smooth surfaces, double bag them and throw them in the garbage, or place the eggs in alcohol or hand sanitizer to kill them. See instructional video at the bottom of this page.

Please let us know of your efforts by recording the number of eggs masses you scraped and/or destroyed: Egg Scraping Survey (instructions for entering scrape data).

Total number of eggs scraped as 5/2/2019: 2,336,740.

Tree Banding

Homeowner cans also choose to band their trees. Existing literature demonstrates that brown sticky tree bands are an effective, environmentally friendly way to catch spotted lanternfly nymphs. Through Federal Farm Bill funding, a limited number of bands have been made available for owners of confirmed infested properties.  People interested in banding their trees can attend training sessions in early spring.  At the conclusion of the training session, homeowners are given a kit that contains all of the material needed for banding their trees. 

Volunteer Banding Survey (instructions for entering band data)

Number of Spotted Lanternfly killed by tree bands: 1,007,200

Treating a Property without Tree of Heaven

There are cases where there may not be Tree of Heaven on your property but you are finding Spotted Lanternfly. In Pennsylvania, application of insecticide is site specific, meaning you can use insecticides labeled for use on ornamentals.  

Insecticide examples can be found here.