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The department, in coordination with Penn State University, has developed many useful educational resources for the Spotted Lanternfly. These resources are available to organizations looking to reproduce shareable information and products related to Spotted Lanternfly.

Organizations that operate solely in Pennsylvania should use documents listed as “Pennsylvania Organizations.”

If your organization is located outside of Pennsylvania, please use the “Out-of-State Organizations” documents. These documents have had all Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture contact information removed, so appropriate information can be added. It’s important for non-Pennsylvania organizations to use the resources in this section. Use of these materials helps to ensure the proper routing of questions and reports.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has an extensive Spotted Lanternfly image database. Many images from this database have been deposited on the University of Georgia Forestry Images website.

Organizations looking to create new educational material using Spotted Lanternfly images are encouraged to use the photographs deposited on Forestry Images. Any image credited to Lawrence Barringer or the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture can be used at any time. If you use any of those photos, please credit the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.