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API-206-20 Pesticide Product Registration

Form Type: Paper Registration
API-206-20 Pesticide Product Registration


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Directions for Registering Pesticides in Pennsylvania

Introduction: Please read the following directions completely before preparing your application for pesticide registration or renewal.  Errors may require you to resubmit your application.  If you have any questions about preparing your application for registration, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. John R. Lake, Registration Specialist, at (717) 772-5211.


***************  NOTE New Registration Fee  ***********

Fee: The fee for registration is $250.00 per pesticide product. (Effective 2011 calendar year)

Registration Period: All pesticide registrations are valid for up to one calendar year and expire on December 31.  Registration applications received after November 15 will be valid for the next calendar year.

Registration of New Pesticide Products in PA:

DO NOT SUBMITT NEW PRODUCT REGISTRATION APPLICATIONS WITH RENEWALS!  Directions and application forms may be downloaded at

Pesticide Products Which Require Separate Registrations: Separate registrations are required when any of the following conditions apply:

  1. Different Brand Name – Including different grades for fertilizer/pesticide products * (this does not include different package sizes, or different paint colors, stains, finishes, or disinfectant scents, or EPA Est. Nos.).
  2. Different labeling (does not include label revisions or supplemental labels)
  3. Different EPA registration numbers (includes supplemental registration numbers) for all pesticides which are federally registered.
  4. “Minimum Risk Pesticides” (known as 25(b)s) must be registered in Pennsylvania.  Any change in formulation or brand name is considered a separate product for the purpose of state registration of products offered for sale as exempt from FIFRA pursuant to Title 40 CFR 152.25(f).

Required Elements: The following applies to all pesticide registration applications, including renewals.

  1. A completed copy of the Renewal Notice, or for new applications Form No. API‑206.  You may submit photocopies or alternate computer generated copies of API-206.  Do not submit separate product lists as this will result in your application being returned.  
    1. Company Name and Address - The name and address provided should be for the company responsible for processing the registration and renewals.  This is the address that your future renewal notices will be mailed to.  Please indicate any address changes in this section, or on a separate sheet if additional space is required.
    2. Company Number - The number assigned by the Pa. Dept. of Agriculture.  If you do not currently have products registered in Pennsylvania, leave this section blank.  If you have a PA Company Number, you must place that number in the Company Number box on API-206 when submitting additional products for registration – failure to use the correct number may result in errors in your product registration data.
    3. Phone Number - The most direct phone number (including area code) for the "company contact for state registration" should be provided when submitting form API-206.
    4. Brand Name - The name of the product as it appears on the label.
    5. EPA REG# - The complete EPA registration number as it appears on the product label.  For products considered to be exempt from federal registration under Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations, §152.25(f) the word “exempt” should be used in place of a registration number.
    6. RUP - If a product is classified as a Restricted Use Pesticide, Mark R under RUP.
    7. FR - If a product is Federally Canceled, and existing stocks may be sold, Mark C under FR.
  2. Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are required annually for all products registered (including discontinued products).  Labels, MSDS, and supporting documents may be submitted on a CD in text pdf file format, or by hardcopy.  Applications for the registration of new active ingredients must include a copy of the EPA stamped accepted labeling.  Supplemental registrations must include the “Notice of Supplemental Distribution.”  (Companies updating product labels in the “Accepted Labels State Tracking and Repository (ALSTAR) database resident at Purdue University are exempt from this requirement.)
  3. Fee - a check or money order payable to the "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" for the registration of only pesticide products must be provided with the application.  Stable payment to the registration form or renewal notice.  Checks for payment of a combination of fees other than pesticide product registrations will be returned.

Submission of Registration Renewals:

Applications must be submitted with the product labels and MSDSs in the order which they are listed on the Renewal Notice.  (Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the return of your application for correction prior to processing.)  (Companies updating product labels in the “Accepted Labels State Tracking and Repository (ALSTAR) database resident at Purdue University are exempt from this requirement.)

Registration Period - Registrations are in effect from the date processed to December 31 of the year registered.  (Renewals are printed in November, and should be received by mid-November of each subsequent year.  New product registration applications received after 11/15 will be registered through 12/31 of the next year.

Discontinued Products

There is not a mandated discontinuation period in Pennsylvania.  Please ensure your products are no longer being offered for sale within the state prior to deleting the registration.

Deleting Products - Products which are not being re-registered, should be identified by placing a line though the product listing on the renewal form.

Return all required materials to the following address prior to the expiration of the registration for all currently registered products, or prior to any distribution or use of a new product in the State:

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Bureau of Plant Industry
Attn.: Pesticide Registration
2301 North Cameron Street
Harrisburg, PA  17110-9408

To download this registration form, click the Download Link at the top of this page.