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Labeling Industrial Hemp Seeds

The following is a brief and simple outline for the labeling of Industrial Hemp seeds and is intended for informational purposes only.

For complete details see Pennsylvania Seed Act 164 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, Chapter 71, Seed, as amended. Title 7 of the Pennsylvania Code, Chapter 111 for supporting labeling requirements.

    • Every entity selling seed in Pennsylvania shall apply and obtain an annual Seed Dealers license. A fee of $25 will be assessed.
    • Unlawful to sell, offer for sale or transport seed unless properly labeled. Label must be legible, in the English language, in a conspicuous place on the outside of the container.
    • Treatment statement, if treated.
    • Germination period is for 9 months excluding month of test.
    • No false or misleading advertising or labeling.
    • Seed not correctly labeled is subject to a “Stop Sale Order” and/or civil or criminal penalties may be assessed.
Required components of a seed label:

    • Name of kind or kind and variety. (Abbreviations are not allowed.)
    • Lot number.
    • Percentage by weight of:
        1. Pure Seed
        2. Other Crop Seed
        3. Inert Matter
        4. Weed Seed
    • Calendar month and year germination test was completed.
    • Complete name and address of licensee.
    • Name and number per pound of any restricted noxious weed seed present. Check seed regulations for maximum allowed.
    • Prohibited Noxious weeds seeds have no tolerance.