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Seafood/Shellfish Registration & Certification

Food Establishments under this program would include, a building, or place or portion thereof, or vehicle maintained, used or operated for the purpose of commercially manufacturing, processing, storing, or distributing seafood and shellfish products for human consumption.

Proprietors intending to operate seafood or shellfish manufacturing, warehousing, processing, storage or any other type of seafood or shellfish wholesale food operation must apply to the Department for a Food Registration under The Food Safety Act of 2010 (3 C.S §§5721 - 5737) prior to operation.  Establishments registered with the Department can state "Reg. Penna. Dept. of Agr." on their product labeling.  Only PDA registered establishments may use this statement.

Seafood and Shellfish related food wholesalers/processors must be inspected and be found in compliance before the Department can issue a Registration and Shellfish Certification.  Seafood and Shellfish food establishments must have training related to Seafood HACCP and have developed HACCP plans to be compliant with the regulations.  Information on Seafood HACCP and training are available through FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and AFDO.

Seafood HACCP

Seafood HACCP Training Schedule

How to Apply To PDA

Proprietors should fill out an "Application for Wholesale Food Establishments, Processing/Manufacturing, Warehouse/Distribution" found on this page under FORMS.

Shellfish ONLY: If Shellfish is the only product you handle, please fill out "Application Packet - Shellfish Wholesalers" found on this page under FORMS.


All registered facilities pay a $35 registration fee. No exceptions.  There are no fees associated with obtaining a Shellfish Certification if the facility is already registers as a Food Establishment.


Once registered with the Department as a wholesaler, processor, manufacture, or distributor a renewal application for your registration will sent annually via USPS approximately 45 days prior to expiration of the current registration.  You will be required to return this renewal along with a $35 dollar registration fee prior to the expiration of your current registration.

Once a Shellfish Certification has been issued, all certifications expire on October 31st.  Each year shellfish certifications will be renewed as long as the last shellfish inspection prior to Oct 31st is in compliance with regulations found in Title 7, Chapter 49 and the NSSP Model Ordinance.  If the proprietor does not wish to renew their shellfish certification, they should contact the Program Specialist.

If you have lost your current registration and need replacement or your renewal application was lost or not received, please contact a licensing clerk at 717-787-4315 for assistance or print and return the "Registration Renewal for Wholesaler" found on this page under FORMS.