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Stuck at Home? Sprout Some Seeds!

Tags: COVID-19
March 23, 2020 12:00 AM
By: Beth Brelje

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‚ÄčLet's say you're marooned at home and looking for a project to lift your spirits.

Here is something you can do with items you probably already have: sprout some seeds!

It's easy enough for a toddler and gratifying enough for any adult.

You will need a plastic zipper sandwich bag, a paper towel, tape and some seeds.

Now, don't blink, the instructions are next and they are very brief:

  • Soak the seeds in water
  • Wet the paper towel and stick it in the bag
  • Dump in some seeds and maybe space them apart a bit
  • Zip up that bag and use some tape to hang it on a window, in the sun

Now we wait.

In days, your seeds will sprout. It's magical, every time.

When your greens get to the top of the bag, or anytime sooner, plant them in some potting soil.

If you don't have all those items, please, don't cry. You can adapt!

Seeds are versatile and you are clever.  

Search your home for other sprouting materials. 

Need seeds? If your don't have a packet of store-bought seeds laying around, you have other options. Speed to the fridge to find seeds in the feed. A pepper, bean, tomato strawberry or other small fruit or vegetable will have what you need.  

You could plant seeds in dirt found outside, compost, cotton balls or used tea bags. Doesn't that sound fun? Sip, plant, repeat. It would be interesting to try a few methods and see which one works best.

Hey, this is starting to sound like science.

Instead of a plastic bag, you could use an empty egg shells, egg shell cartons, cute tea cups, a jar, or a shoe? Sure. Why not?

Any vessel will do, but something clear will give you the most enjoyment because you will see more of the root system as it grows. Also, a sealed bag is like a miniature greenhouse.

If this sprout thing works out well, things will keep growing. Soon you will be able to plant these young plants outside and perhaps have fresh lettuce or tomatoes in your own yard. 

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