Avian Influenza (AI) is a highly contagious disease which can infect all types of poultry and other birds. It can be spread by wild birds, especially waterfowl, but can also be spread by people, vehicles, shared equipment, and other methods. Infection in a flock can lead to loss of production and in some cases the loss of the entire flock. It can spread rapidly to other flocks and can lead to a widespread disease outbreak, which can lead to quarantines and trade restrictions. Good biosecurity practices can be used to reduce the risk of your flock being infected. Every flock owner should have a biosecurity plan in place and follow that plan daily. A link to a biosecurity plan template is below. Every flock owner should also have a plan in place in case the flock becomes infected and the flock must be disposed of quickly to prevent the spread of disease- a link to a flock plan template is below. Prevention is key, and rapid response to contain and eliminate disease is also very important. If you have sick birds or unexplained sudden high mortality in the flock and suspect it may be avian influenza, contact the Department at 717-772-2852 (24/7) so we can test your flock.