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​​​Livestock Evaluation Center

The Samuel E. Hayes Jr. Livestock Evaluation Center (LEC) is a central livestock testing station with shared direction from the PA Department of Agriculture, Penn State University, and respective species and breed associations within the state. The focus of the LEC is to conduct standard, unbiased feeding and management tests, on either individuals or sire groups, within the four major species of meat animals (beef, swine, sheep, and meat goats) to measure genetic differences. 


To provide a standard protocol to test bulls, rams, and boars for economically important traits that can be used to enhance the commericial livestock industry of Pennsylvania and ultimately to provide consumers with wholesome, consistently high quality products at an affordable price.


    • Identify and promote the use of genetically superior sires
    • Measure growth rate, feed efficiency, carcass traits, and/or carcass estimates under uniform conditions
    • Collect unformation not normally available on individual farms
    • Provide data that can be used with individual farm information that will provide the producer with a valuable selection tool
    • Demonstrate superior genetics in feed efficency and quality of meat produced