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Workforce Development

Agriculture is at the heart of Pennsylvania’s economic and cultural landscape, and the commonwealth is recognized as a national and global leader in the agriculture and food industry. According to Team Pennsylvania’s 2021​ Economic Impact Study​, nearly 580,000 Pennsylvanians – or one in 10 jobs – are in the agriculture and food industry. Over the next decade, more than 75,000 new and replacement jobs will become available in the agriculture and food industry in PA. Of those anticipated vacancies, the department has identified the most in-demand occupations which span sectors like production agriculture; animal health and veterinary services; landscaping; food manufacturing; forestry, lumber and wood products; and conservation and natural resources.  

The Economic Impact study illustrates the crucial need of the agricultural workforce. While workforce has been identified as one of the biggest challenges to Pennsylvania Agriculture, there are numerous opportunities and passionate stakeholders across the state to build a skilled agricultural workforce.

For more information on agricultural workforce resources and opportunities check out the links below.


Sara Gligora
Central Regional Director
Special Assistant for Workforce Development

 Content Editor