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​Food Safety

Food Safety is an important area for every single person in Pennsylvania. Every year, one in six Americans suffers from a food-related illness. Preventing food-borne illnesses will improve public health and avoid the costly disruptions of the food supply system caused by illness outbreaks.

The mission of the Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services is to protect and keep food safe, from the farm to the fork, by educating, regulating and ensuring compliance with food safety laws and regulations. The Bureau has several divisions where each provides important oversight to the production and service of safe food. 

Renew your license and/or registration with the Department online

*On November 6, 2023, Governor Shapiro signed Senate Bill 152 into law which repealed the PA Frozen Dessert Law of 1965. The immediate repeal of this law effectively rescinds the corresponding Frozen Dessert regulations found at 7 Pa. Code Chapter 49. This repeal eliminates the requirement to obtain an annual frozen dessert license, and renewals for 2024 will not be mailed or processed. If you have submitted payment for your 2024 license, either by check or online, your payment will be returned or refunded.

A business ID code is required to renew your license and/or registration online. You can look up your facility's business ID code on the public facility search page to proceed with online renewal. 

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