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Consumer Fireworks

On October 30, 2017, Act 43 of 2017 replaced the old fireworks law. The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Ride and Measurement Standards continues to perform licensing functions under the new law. The new law is effective immediately with a 90 day transition period for existing licensees to continue to operate (under the conditions of Act 204 of 2004). All consumer grade fireworks facilities must be licensed in accordance with the new law by January 28, 2018 or the date their license under the previous Fireworks Law expires – whichever is earlier. Once licensed in accordance with the new law, permanent consumer firework facilities and appropriate temporary structures may operate under the conditions of the new law.

The Department has developed an interactive map to assist potential applicants for Temporary Structure licensure to determine if a potential site is within the 5 mile exclusion zone (straight line distance from center of the property) of an existing Permanent Consumer Fireworks Facility. This map is the method the Department uses to determine if an applicant for a Temporary Structure license is outside the 5 mile exclusion zone.

Pennsylvania's currently licensed consumer fireworks locations, permanent facilities and temporary structures, can be found in this map.

"Clarification for application submissions for Temporary Structures, under the new Fireworks Law." Application Deadline.