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​​Amusement Rides & Attractions

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Division of Amusement Rides and Attractions registers more than 800 amusement ride owners and 10,000 individual amusement rides and attractions annually. The registered rides and attractions are enjoyed by millions of people each year across Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania’s amusement ride safety program is designed to ensure that all rides in the state meet stringent safety requirements. The process starts with the Amusement Ride Safety Advisory Board, which is made up of a panel of industry experts, concerned citizens, and one certified engineer. The board meets quarterly to reviews all new rides and attractions applying to operate in Pennsylvania. The board make recommendations to the department concerning the ride and it suitability to operate in Pennsylvania.

Once a ride or attraction is approved to operate in Pennsylvania, the owner and rides are required to be register with the department. Owners are required to submit itineraries detailing scheduled events where amusement rides will be (usually within 15 days of the event). Owners are also required to submit inspection affidavits (attesting a passing inspection was performed) for each ride prior to its operation and again every 30 days or each time it is set up at a new location (whichever is sooner). 

Rides and attractions are inspected by department licensed qualified inspectors. The pool of more than 1,400 inspectors are overseen by the department’s Quality Assurance Inspectors and Supervisor. Applicants for licensure as a qualified inspector must provide a description of the education, training or experience with respect to the safe operation and dismantling of amusement rides. An applicant must pass a written, proctored test and must take a number of department approved continuing education hours to maintain licensure (the number of hours of continuing education vary by level of licensure).

The Department of Agriculture has inspected and registered amusement rides under the Amusement Ride Safety Act since 1984 and regularly participates in education and outreach seminars that include classes and hands-on demonstrations.

For the public to search current (scheduled within the next 72 hours) amusement events:

For registered owners and licensed qualified inspectors: Amusement Rides Inspection System