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Pet Food & Animal Feed

Animal feed, pet food, specialty pet food and treats are all considered Commercial Feed. Animal feed, pet food and specialty pet food are all considered Commercial Feed under the Pennsylvania Commercial Feed Act, and are regulated through the inspection of Pennsylvania manufacturing and distribution (retail and wholesale) establishments for compliance with labeling, licensing and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs).  Samples of animal feed are collected and analyzed to ensure feed is not adulterated and meets label guarantees.  Consumer complaints are investigated when purchasers receive feed they believe does not conform to guarantees, may be misbranded, and/or causes harm to the animals that eat it. Link to file a consumer complaint: click here.


A license is required for each feed manufacturing facility located in Pennsylvania and for each guarantor of feed who distributes a product in Pennsylvania. The annual licensing fee is twenty-five dollars ($25) per calendar year. The fee is due January 1 of each year prior to the manufacturing and distribution of feed.

There is no product registration in Pennsylvania but we may require an applicant or licensee to provide labels for products to be distributed in the state.

In order to apply for a license to manufacture animal feed or pet food, or to be the guarantor of such products, complete the Application for Commercial Feed License. Please read instructions completely and print type legibly. Instructions are on back of the hardcopy, or are included with the online version.

You may apply for a license online and pay with a credit card, select "Apply for New License" on the left hand navigation (look under "Feed Manufacturers"). A search of facilities with an active Commercial Feed License in Pennsylvania can be found by clicking here.

Inspection Fee & Tonnage Report

The annual inspection fee is ten cents ($.10) per ton for all commercial feed. Customer-formula feeds and contract feeds are exempt if the inspection fee is paid on the commercial feeds which are used as ingredients therein. Commercial feeds which are distributed to manufacturers and used as single ingredients in the manufacturing of commercial feeds other than customer-formula feeds and contract feeds are exempt from the inspection fee. A MINIMUM fee of twenty-five dollars ($25) is required.  If reporting less than one ton, it should be reported as one ton and the minimum fee is due. Do not submit the minimum amount if reporting zero tonnage and no fee is due. All licensees are required to report even if no fee is due.

Feed tonnage is required to be reported ANNUALLY on form API-216 (Commercial Feed and Ingredient Report) which is provided by our office to all licensees who distribute commercial feed in Pennsylvania. The Inspection Fee and Commercial Feed Tonnage Report must be completed and postmarked by February 15. After this date, a penalty of twenty-five dollars ($25) or 10 percent of the inspection fee, whichever is greater, will automatically be added to the inspection fee. API216-Annual Commercial Feed Tonnage Report (PDF).


Any commercial feed distributed in this Commonwealth must be accompanied by a legible label bearing the following information:

    • Net Weight
    • Product and brand name
    • Guaranteed analysis as stated in regulation
    • Ingredient statement as stated in regulation
    • Name and principal mailing address of the manufacturer or guarantor distributing the commercial feed
    • Adequate directions for use for all commercial feeds containing drugs and for other feeds as required by regulation
    • Warning or cautionary statements as required by regulation

Customer-formula feed shall be accompanied by a label, invoice, delivery slip or other shipping document bearing the following information:

    • Name and address of the manufacturer
    • Name and address of the purchaser
    • Date of delivery
    • Product name, brand name, the net weight of each commercial feed used, plus the net weight of other ingredients used
    • Adequate directions for use for all customer-formula feeds containing drugs and for other feeds as required by regulation
    • Warning or cautionary statements as required by regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is required to be licensed to sell commercial feed in Pennsylvania?Pennsylvania manufacturers (including repackagers of feed) and all guarantors (the name and address that appears on the label) of commercial and customer-formula feed including pet food and treats.

  2. Do I need to be licensed to retail or wholesale someone else's feed?
    No, as long as the product is sold retail or wholesale in the original container or package, a license is not required.  But a person that repackages or alters commercial feed products for resale becomes a manufacturer of commercial feed and is required to obtain a commercial feed license and label the product with the required information.

  3. Is each individual product required to be registered?
    No, Pennsylvania does not have product registration for commercial feed products.  The Department may require an applicant or licensee to submit any labeling intended for use on a commercial feed.

  4. Do all commercial feeds need to be labeled?
    Yes, there are specific labeling requirements for all commercial and customer-formula feeds including pet foods/treats.  You can contact your nearest regional office or the Harrisburg Office for information or read the instructions for licensing under the Pennsylvania Commercial Feed Law.