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Domestic Animal Import Requirements

Please review Pennsylvania's interstate import requirements for large and small domestic animals​​.

Note: Pennsylvania requires import permits for farmed cervids (deer, elk, etc.), but does NOT require permits for cattle, bison, horses, swine, camelids, sheep, goats, dogs, cats or poultry. For information on importing exotic or wild species, please contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission  at (717) 787-4250.  For information on international imports and exports, please contact the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Veterinary Services  at (717) 540-2770.

PLEASE NOTE: Effective March 1, 2018, APHIS Form 7001 “United States lnterstate and lnternational Certificate of Health Examination for Small Animals” is no longer approved for interstate movement of animals by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Please be aware that numerous other states are no longer accepting the online-only form due to its free access to the public for download off the internet without any accountability as to who uses the form.  The two-part APHIS Form 7001 that requires a Certificate Number, USDA Stamp and USDA Veterinarian Signature, making it an official document, is no longer available through USDA. 

What is a CVI?

A CVI is an official document provided by your state or federal government to authorized veterinarians certifying the animals listed were healthy at the time of the veterinary inspection.

Where can I obtain a CVI for my pet?

Please contact an accredited veterinarian to obtain a CVI.

How do I know the CVI my veterinarian completed is correct?

A CVI is required to meet the state of destination’s animal importation requirements. Not all states require a CVI for small animal (cats, dogs, pocket pets, etc.) imports. Check with the state of destination for more information.  Only an accredited veterinarian can fill out a CVI. They are responsible for filling it out accurately. All sections on the CVI must be completed, i.e. name, addresses, dates and veterinarian information.