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Certified Poultry Technician License

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture trains and licenses certified poultry technicians (CPTs) to act as agents of the Department when collecting poultry samples for testing.  All licensed CPTs may apply for compensation from poultry owners after taking samples from poultry.  People who take the CPT Course are instructed in proper bio-security habits to prevent the introduction and spread of disease.

Licensing: Application Information

The fee for the Poultry Technician license is $10. The license will be issued after the person has successfully completed the classroom training and written and field skills examinations. To apply to take the CPT classroom training, please submit an application, which can be obtained by contacting Stacy Rakocy. A license will be valid for two years, and expires on December 31 of the second year, unless revoked sooner. Poultry technicians who renew past the renewal date will be required, at minimum, to take a written examination to ensure they are aware of current requirements. Please refer to the current version of the CPT User Guide.