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Taxidermy Licensing

The Department of Agriculture licenses taxidermists in Pennsylvania.  A taxidermist is any person who holds him/herself out to the public as a taxidermist or mounts any specimen.  Pennsylvania requires taxidermists to register with the department on a form prescribed by the department.  The legislation designates that a taxidermy registrant will pay an annual fee of $100 to cover the costs of administering the registration system.

Recordkeeping: A person registered under this chapter shall maintain an accurate record of all specimens they mount.  The record shall include the type of specimen mounted and the location where the specimen was harvested.  The registrant shall make these records available to the department for inspection upon request by the Bureau of Animal Health and Diagnostic Services (BAHDS).

Reporting: A person registered under this chapter shall report an unmarked convention on international trade in endangered species or threatened or endangered special specimen to the proper authority within 72 hours of receiving notice of the specimen.