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Damage Claim Reimbursements

Protector of dogs, but will it last: picture of dog warden with stray emphasizing need to increase dog licesne fee

Who can apply?

A person may make application to the Dog Law Enforcement Office for reimbursement for damage to a domestic animal by a dog or coyote, if the damage occurs when the domestic animal is confined in a field or other enclosure, the damage was not caused by a dog owned or housed by the owner of the damaged domestic animal, and the owner of the offending dog is unknown.

How does this work?

To receive reimbursement, a person must file a written, signed complaint within five business days of the discovery of the damage with the State Dog Warden.  The complaint must include the time, place and manner of the damage, the number and type of domestic animals damaged, and the amount of damage.

Within 48 hours of receipt of the compliant, a State Dog Warden will investigate and examine the site of occurrence.  Within ten business days, the Warden will issue either a dismissal of the compliant or a damage award.

Reimbursement Limitations

The amount is limited to $10,000 for each domestic animal. The PA Dog Law defines domestic animal as,  “Any equine animal or bovine animal, sheep, goat, pig, poultry, bird, fowl, confined hares, rabbits and mink, or any wild or semiwild animal maintained in captivity.” The damage award may not exceed $10,000 or 90% of the appraised value of the domestic animal.  All damage claims are paid from the Dog Law Restricted Account, and no payment is made for any claim, which has already been paid by the claimant's insurance carrier.  In the case of damage caused by a coyote, claims will not exceed $20,000 annually.