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​Farm Transitions

Where to Start

Changing a farming operation presents many possibilities and boundless opportunities for farmers. From adding value-added products to a family dairy operation, to diversifying a produce farm with pastured poultry, transitioning a grain operation to certified organic, or introducing a beginning farmer to the rewards of a family-run business, visit our many resources on the subsequent pages, to determine your appropriate next steps.

Contact the ABDC at and we'll help guide you through this transition to success.

Planning Services

The ABDC can help you plan for your future in farming. We offer these services:

    • Enter the farming vocation
    • Planning a farm expansion
    • Financing for farm growth
    • Assisting with multi-generational farming families
    • Management strategies for farm owners

Farmland Preservation

The Pennsylvania Agricultural Conservation Easement Purchase Program strengthens Pennsylvania's agricultural economy and protects prime farmland. It enables state and county governments to purchase development rights from farmers. Since the first easement was purchased in December 1989, more than 5,600 farms totaling nearly 580,000 acres have been approved for easement purchases. The Department of Agriculture Bureau of Farmland Preservation administers the statewide program.

Clean & Green

Clean and Green is a preferential tax assessment program that bases property taxes on use values, rather than fair market values, often resulting in a tax savings for landowners. The Pennsylvania General Assembly enacted the program in 1974 as a tool to encourage protection of the commonwealth's valuable farmland, forestland, and open spaces. Currently, more than 9.6 million acres are enrolled statewide.