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A commission established by Act 55 of 2017

Russell C. Redding, Secretary,  Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Pedro Rivera, Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Education

Brian W. Smith, Dairy Farmer, Wayne County Commissioner, Wayne County

Clifford Wallace, Crop Farmer, Agriculture Teacher, Lawrence County

Jenny Zimmerman, Manager, Shade Mountain Winery, Union County

Dr. Kevin Curry Jr., Penn State University, Centre County

Dr. Carol Hardbarger, Retired Cornell University Professor, Agriculture Education, Perry County

Senator Judy Schwank, Pennsylvania Senate, Former Ag Sciences Educator, Berks County

Tiffany Turrentine, W.B. Saul Agricultural High School, Philadelphia County

Anthony Honeycutt, Northwestern High School, Erie County

Dr. Xuri Zhang, Professor of Horticulture, Westmoreland County

Jeff Groshek, Principal, Central Columbia High School, Columbia County

Gary Swan, Retired Farm Bureau, Adams County