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Liming Material

Agricultural Liming Material is any product whose calcium and magnesium compounds are capable of neutralizing soil acidity. Liming materials are regulated through the licensing of PA manufacturing facilities and all guarantors of liming products. There is no product registration in Pennsylvania but we may require an applicant or licensee to provide labels for products to be distributed in the state.

Multi-purpose products intended to supply plant nutrients, soil/plant amendments and/or liming materials must be labeled, licensed and registered (as required) under each respective law prior to being offered for sale, sold or distributed in Pennsylvania. Samples are collected and analyzed to ensure labeling guarantees and otherwise meet requirements of compliance with the provisions of this Act.


A license is required for both the manufacturing and guarantor before an agricultural liming material can be manufactured or distributed in Pennsylvania. The annual licensing fee is twenty-five dollars ($25). The fee is due July 1 of each year or prior to the manufacturing or distribution of liming materials.

There is no product registration in Pennsylvania but we may require an applicant or licensee to provide labels for products to be distributed in the state.

In order to apply for a lime license, please complete form API-222 (Agricultural Liming Materials License Application). Please read instructions completely and print or type legibly. Instructions are included with the form.

Apply for a license and pay by credit card here. A search of facilities with an active Liming Materials License in Pennsylvania can be found by clicking here.

Inspection Fee and Tonnage Reports

The SEMI-ANNUAL inspection fee is three cents ($0.03) per ton, due on January 31 and July 31 of each year. A minimum fee of twelve dollars and fifty cents ($12.50) is required. If less than one ton was sold or distributed, report one ton on the report. If no sales (zero sales) are reported, do not pay minimum fee.

Lime tonnage is required to be reported SEMI-ANNUALLY on form API-204 (Agriculture Liming Materials Semi-Annual Tonnage Report) which is provided by our office to all licensees who manufacture and distribute agricultural liming materials in Pennsylvania.

The Inspection Fee and Agricultural Liming Materials Semiannual Tonnage Report (API-204) must be completed and postmarked by February 15 and August 15. After this date, a penalty of ten dollars ($10) or ten percent of the inspection fee, whichever is greater, will automatically be added to the inspection fee.


Any agricultural liming material distributed in Pennsylvania must have affixed to each package, a legible label, or in the case of bulk sales, a delivery slip setting forth at least the following information:

The name and principal office address of the manufacturer or distributor.

    • The brand or trade name of the material.
    • The identification of the product as to the type of agricultural liming material, e.g. limestone, hydrated lime, burnt lime, industrial by-product, marl or shells.
    • The fineness classification of the liming material, e.g. fine-sized, medium-size or coarse sized.
    • The new weight of liming material.
    • The guaranteed dry weight analysis containing the following information:
      • Minimum % Total Calcium (Ca)
      • Minimum Calcium Carbonate Equivalent (CCE)
      • Minimum % Total Magnesium (Mg)
      • Minimum Effective Neutralizing Value (ENV)
    • The minimum percentage by weight passing through the US Standard sieves
      (20 mesh, 60 mesh, and 100 mesh) as required by regulation.
    • The maximum percentage by weight of the moisture content of the liming material

Adulteration and Misbranding:

No agricultural liming material shall be sold or offered for sale in Pennsylvania unless it complies with provisions of this Act and the Rules and Regulations.

No agricultural liming material shall be sold or offered for sale in Pennsylvania which contains toxic materials in quantities injurious to plants or animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is required to be licensed to sell agricultural liming materials in Pennsylvania? 
    Both the manufacturer and the person whose name appears on the label of the agricultural liming material must be licensed.

  2. Do individual products require registration?
    No. Pennsylvania does not have product registration for agricultural liming materials.

  3. Is there required labeling for agricultural liming materials?
    Yes. There is specific labeling information required for all agricultural liming materials.  You can contact your nearest regional office or the Harrisburg Office for information or read the instructions for licensing under the Pennsylvania Agricultural Liming Materials Act.

  4. Who do I contact to determine the proper amount of a liming material needed?
    Each County Cooperative Extension Office has soil test kits that can be purchased to determine the amount of liming material needed.  The soil test results along with the required labeling for liming materials provide you with the information needed to determine application rate of a particular liming material.  The soil test will also provide fertility information.  The Extension Offices will also have general recommendations.