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Leadership Development Program 

Pennsylvania’s “Building for Tomorrow” Leadership Development Program is a collaborative effort of Pennsylvania’s Conservation Partnership which includes the State Conservation Commission, PA Department of Environmental Protection, PA Department of Agriculture, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, the Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts, Inc. (PACD) and county conservation districts. This professional development program for conservation district directors and staff was created by the Partnership over 25 years ago with a collective goal to create a training program that provides the necessary information for conservation district directors and staff to effectively develop and manage conservation district activities and programs. 

The Leadership Development Program is administered by the Leadership Development Committee (Committee) which includes representatives from each agency and organization of the Partnership. The Committee evaluates the leadership and professional development training needs of conservation districts; researches funding and training opportunities; develops products, tools and comprehensive programs to support professional development for directors and staff; and offers statewide, regional and local training and consultative assistance. 

Pennsylvania’s “Building for Tomorrow” Leadership Development training and resources website ( ) houses resources and provides district directors and staff with online training opportunities for the basic operations of conservation districts in Pennsylvania.