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Bureau Directors

Bureau of Administrative Services, Kelly O'Donnell

Bureau of Animal Health and Diagnostic Services, Dr. Kevin Brightbill       

Bureau of Farmland Preservation, Doug Wolfgang

Bureau of Food Distribution, Caryn Long Earl

Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services, Sheri Morris

Bureau of Market Development, Ashley Fehr

Bureau of Ride & Measurement Standards, Walt Remmert

Bureau of Plant Industry, Dr. Ruth Welliver

Hardwood Development Council, Roger Anderson

Bureau of Harness Racing, Tony Salerno

Bureau of Horse Racing, Thomas Chuckas

Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement, Kristen Donmoyer

USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, King Whetstone

Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center, Sharon Altland

Pennsylvania State Conservation Commision, Karl G. Brown

PA Equine Toxicology & Research Laboratory, Mary A. Robinson VMD, PhD

Communications Director, Kaitlyn Schroeder