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Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement

Protector of Dogs, but will it last: picture of dog warden with stray dog emphasizing need to increase dog license fee.

The Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement is charged with protecting Pennsylvania’s puppies and dogs, protecting consumers, and protecting our communities from dangerous and stray animals.

The bureau does this by ensuring the welfare of breeding dogs and puppies in kennels. They also regulate activities pertaining to dogs that are classified as dangerous and oversee annual licensure and rabies vaccinations for dogs.

State dog wardens also pick up and transport stray dogs to shelters and if licensed, there’s a higher chance they’ll get reunited with their family. The bureau disburses funds to shelters that take in and hold stray dogs, as well. 

Senate Bill 746 - Dog Law Modernization

Thanks to the work of Senator Vogel and Senate Agriculture Committee, Senate Bill 746, Dog Law Modernization, is under consideration. Senate Bill 746 is designed to amend the Dog Law Act of 1982 and update the language to better serve and protect Pennsylvanians and their pets. View Senate Bill 746 here

For an overview of Senate Bill 746 and to understand the necessary changes that the bill will bring to the Dog Law Act of 1982, please view the Overview of SB 746 here

The Shapiro Administration celebrates the Senate Agriculture Committee’s unanimous vote to protect Pennsylvanians and their pets with the Dog Law Modernization Bill. Read more here

The following stakeholders have expressed support for Senate Bill 746: