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​Food Safety Complaints

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Consumers can file complaints against food facilities regarding packaged or unpackaged foods and for a myriad of reasons.  If your complaint is regarding food consumed or purchased at a retail food facility, such as a restaurant, food truck, caterer, food store, or convenience store, that complaint may be investigated by the PA Department of Agriculture (PDA), or a County or Local Health Jurisdiction.

Not all retail food facilities in Pennsylvania are under the jurisdiction of the PDA.  Allegheny, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Erie, Montgomery, and Philadelphia have County Health Departments that conduct retail inspections and licensing in their own county.  Nearly 140 local municipalities, boroughs, cities or townships, also do their own inspection and licensing of retail food facilities within their jurisdictions.  Delaware County has over 45 local health jurisdictions alone, with the remaining local jurisdictions spread throughout the Commonwealth.

PDA maintains a list of current County and Local Health Departments with contact information. If the facility that is the subject of your complaint is located in a county or local health jurisdiction, please contact them directly.

To file an electronic food safety concern for a facility under The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture jurisdiction, or for a facility that you are uncertain of the jurisdiction, complete this Food Safety Complaint Form.

Please complete ALL information on the form as it is applicable to the complaint.  Any complainant identifying information remains confidential and is not shared with facilities. Consumer information allows Inspectors to follow up should additional information be required in regards to the complaint.

If your complaint is regarding a packaged food purchased, and is specific to that food product, such as an issue with labeling information, a foreign object found inside the package, or other obvious manufacturing defect, those complaints should be directed to the PDA for investigation.