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Specialized Processes & HACCP

Any retailer in Pennsylvania that is producing food(s) using a specialized process must have a HACCP plan (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). HACCP plans must be reviewed by your Sanitarian before the food can be made using the specialized process.

Specialized Processing includes:

  1. Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP to include vacuum packaging sous vide or cook-chill
  2. Packaging Juice - If preforming a 5 - log reduction for Juice HACCP
  3. Curing, smoking, and drying of fish for preservation
  4. Curing, smoking of meat and poultry for preservation
  5. Drying of meat and poultry for preservation
  6. Fermentation of sausage
  7. Acidification, fermentation or adding components or additives to render a product shelf stable
  8. Sprouting

You can read about the FDA Food Code requirements for Retail and Food Service HACCP at: FDA Retail and Food Service HACCP.