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Seller, Installer, Repair Person, and CEWM Information

The program registers every person who sells, installs, or repairs certain devices in the state. These devices are: Fuel Dispensers, Vehicle Tank Meters, Liquid Propane Gas Meters, Scales, CNG Fueling Points, Load Rack Meters, and Timing Devices.

An individual person who is employed or engaged in the business of selling, installing, servicing or repairing commercially used weighing or measuring devices shall submit a complete registration form to the Department. The registration shall expire 3 years from the date the registration is issued. Verification of accuracy must be issued by a State Metrology Laboratory for all equipment used to install or repair devices applied for. Verification of accuracy can be no older than one year from the application date. Equipment shall be verified for accuracy by a State Metrology Laboratory on an annual basis and the certification shall be sent to the Department each year.