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​Beginning Farmers

In Pennsylvania, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) 2017 Ag Census, 7.2 million acres is devoted to agriculture use, down from 7.7 million acres in 2012, with much of that land owned and operated by farmers age 55 and older. If agriculture is to remain Pennsylvania’s largest industry, it’s imperative for these acres to remain in agriculture, properly managed, and embraced with passion and honest stewardship of the land. 

In furtherance of this, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed into law, on July 2, 2019, amendments to the Pennsylvania Tax Code creating the Beginning Farmer Tax Credit (PDF).  This new program allows the seller or lessor of agricultural land, equipment, buildings and livestock to a qualified “beginning farmer” to apply for and receive tax credits against the seller or lessor’s Pennsylvania income tax obligations in the year of the sale or lease.

Helping to transition these acres to the next generation of farmers is a primary focus of the ABDC and, in collaboration with our partners at Pennsylvania Farm Link, a non-profit organization dedicated to “linking farmers to the future,” you can apply as a “Landowner/Farmer” or as an “Entering or New Farmer." To apply for a Beginning Farmer Tax Credit, click here.