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Buy Local!

June 29, 2023 11:00 AM

‚ÄčAs the weather warms and you start planning your summer cookouts, invest in your local economy and ensure the quality of your food by shopping local and buying from Pennsylvania farmers.

Shop Local
The commonwealth is home to over 57,900 farms, 97% of which are family owned. There is no shortage of produce and animal products grown and processed locally in Pennsylvania, making it easy to buy from local farmers and markets. Throughout the summer months, Pennsylvania farmers harvest and sell a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Take advantage of the 7.7 million acres of farmland in the commonwealth by buying produce in season from local growers. This summer, Pennsylvania strawberries, watermelon, leafy greens, and many more commodities will be readily available across the commonwealth. By shopping local and buying directly from farmers, you can ensure the optimal quality and freshness of all your picnic foods. Perfecting your grilling skills with burgers from your local butcher and topping the patties off with cheese from a Pennsylvania dairy farmer will also leave you feeling confident in the quality of your food and the contribution to your local economy.

Home to almost 200 farmers markets, including some of the oldest in the country , buying directly from Pennsylvania farmers remains an efficient yet fun way to grocery shop. Hundreds of farms across the commonwealth give consumers the opportunity to experience the agriculture industry first hand as they discover where the products they purchase are produced. Selling directly to consumers, Pennsylvania farmers ensure that buying local agricultural products is easy way to shop this summer. See the site where your food is produced and experience the richness of the agriculture industry by buying directly from your local farmer. Meet the producers feeding the commonwealth and invest in your community by shopping from one of the many farmers markets found throughout Pennsylvania.

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Shop PA Preferred
Finding local producers to purchase PA products has never been easier, thanks to the PA Preferred label. The PA Preferred brand has been connecting the commonwealth's agricultural producers with the consumer since 2004. Encouraging Pennsylvanians to buy from their neighbors, the label ensures your purchase will strengthen your community's economy. Products labelled as PA preferred are guaranteed to be grown and processed in Pennsylvania and participating members are committed to seeing the commonwealth's economy thrive. With dozens of participating farmers, markets, and retailers located across the commonwealth, products with the PA Preferred label are simple to include on your shopping list.

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Find PA Preferred
Looking to buy from a local producer or farmers market near you but don't know where to start? The PA Preferred website quickly connects you as the consumer to products grown in your backyard. Search by product type to find anything from apples to wood products grown and produced near you. Use the member tab to find the closest farmers, markets, and restaurants selling Pennsylvania produced goods.

When you're out shopping for the best tomatoes for your sandwich or the sweetest strawberry topping for your shortcake, remember to support local producers. Take pride in your purchases by investing in your local economy and buying PA Preferred from the farmers and markets found in your community.

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