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Love Your Dog, License Your Dog: Help Keep Your Community Safe And Protect PA Pups

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December 12, 2023 01:00 PM

​New legislation coming into effect will ensure that our furever canine friends will have the best life that we can give them. From reuniting lost pups with their owners to ensuring that kennels are kept to high standards, the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement (BDLE) works each day to better the lives of Pennsylvania's dogs and their humans.

On October 23, 2023, Governor Shapiro signed legislation that will greatly improve public safety and animal welfare while ensuring the BDLE is financially sustained and able to uphold high standards for the care of canine companions.

What does BDLE do?

The BLDE employs Dog Wardens who cover every county in PA.  Dog wardens provide many services to their community, here is a list of some of the most common duties:

Why License Your Dog?

Your dog license not only protects your dog, but all PA dogs and their human companions.  A dog license is the fastest way to return your dog home safely should your dog get lost, it's a small fee with a large benefit.  Also, revenue generated by purchasing a dog license goes directly to support the BDLE's daily operations and protect PA pups all over the Commonwealth.


How to Purchase a License

Dog licenses are available starting on December 1st of each year and are good for one full calendar year.  You may opt to purchase a lifetime license, which covers your pet for the entirety of their life.  You can purchase a dog license online, by mail, or in some counties through an agent.  For details on how to purchase a license in your county,check here:  County Treasurers (

Dog Licenses

All dogs must be licensed at 3 months of age. 

Annual dog licenses cost $8.70 or $6.70 if spayed or neutered

Lifetime dog licenses cost $51.70 or $31.70 if spayed or neutered (dogs must be either microchipped or tattooed to be eligible)

*Discounts are available for senior citizens and persons with disabilities.


Please note that beginning February 1, 2024 the fees for dog licenses will be increasing and dogs will be required to be licensed as early as 8 weeks of age.

New fees will be as follows for any dog over 8 weeks old:

Annual dog license: all male and female dogs $8.70

Lifetime dog license: all male and female dogs $52.70

*There is no longer a spay/neuter discount due to the age at which a dog must be licensed.  Discounts will be available for senior citizens and persons disabled.


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