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‚ÄčAgriculture and Youth Grant Program

The Pennsylvania Ag & Youth Grant Program provides direct and matching grants to help fund eligible projects, programs and equipment purchases conducted or made by organizations composed mainly of youth and organized to promote development in agriculture, community leadership, vocational training, and peer fellowship.

The program aims to address the looming workforce deficit the industry is expected to face in the next decade.

Guidelines & Uses

  • Eligible projects include one or more of the following:
  • Education or workforce development seminars or field trips;
  • Agricultural safety training programs;
  • Capital projects or equipment purchases.

To learn more about the guidelines, please see the PA Bulletin Notice of Program Requirements


  • Agriculture and youth organizations
    • Any organization composed mainly of youth and organized to promote development in the areas of agriculture, leadership, vocational training, and fellowship. It includes, but is not limited to, Pennsylvania FFA, 4-H, Ag in the Classroom, Career and Community Leaders of America, and vocational education programs.

Funding Opportunities

$500,000 is available for grants for two different grant types that can be awarded under the program:

  • Direct, non-matching reimbursement grants of up to $7,500 to defray costs of an eligible project, other than a capital project; and,
  • Matching reimbursement grants of up to $25,000 to defray the costs of an eligible capital project or equipment purchase, where the grant covers no more than 50% of the project cost.

Eligible & Ineligible Costs

Eligible Costs
  • A project addressing biosecurity and illness prevention and containment practices in agricultural and food production operations, food processing operations and charitable food distribution networks.
  • An educational or workforce development program.
  • Educational or workforce development seminars and field trips.
  • An agricultural safety training program.
  • A capital project or an equipment purchase for an agriculture and youth organization.

Ineligible Costs 
  • Grant reimbursement money shall not be used to reimburse any portion of an in-kind contribution to an eligible project.
  • Grant money may not be used to pay or reimburse wages or salaries of grant recipient staff.
  • Grant money may not be used to reimburse any portion of the project costs which are being paid or reimbursed under another Federal or State grant program.

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted through the Single Application for Assistance online application system. Information will be updated when the next application period is opened for the 2021-2022 grant funding year. 

Application Requirements
  • An application for a grant under the Program shall contain the following information:
    • The applicant's name, business address and contact information.
    • A brief narrative explaining how the applicant is an agriculture and youth organization.
    • A statement as to whether the applicant seeks a direct, nonmatching reimbursement grant or a matching reimbursement grant, as these are described in section 5.
    • The details of the project or equipment purchase for which reimbursement grant money is sought
  • Complete and eligible applications will be shared with the Ag and Youth Advisory Board for consideration.  The Department will consider the Board's recommendation and make the decision as to approval or disapproval of an application upon the recommendation of the Board.
Reporting Requirements

Grant fund awardees are required to provide the following to the Department immediately following project completion, but no later than June 30, 2022:

  • A verified statement that the eligible project has been completed or implemented, or that the subject equipment has been purchased.
  • A verified statement of the project completion date or the equipment purchase date.
  • Photos of the completed or implemented project or the equipment purchased, with a narrative explanation of each photo.
  • Bills and invoices demonstrating that expenses were incurred for which reimbursement grant funds are sought.

Funded Projects


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