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​Dirt, Gravel, and Low Volume Road Maintenance Program

The Dirt, Gravel and Low Volume Road Maintenance Program is an innovative non-point source pollution control program for local municipal road officials.  Under this program, the State Conservation Commission provides grant funding through county conservation districts to state and local entities to eliminate stream pollution caused by runoff and sediment from dirt, gravel and low volume roads

Eligible applicants are state and local entities that own public roads. Federal roads and privately owned roads are not eligible for grant funds.

Guidelines & Uses

Grants may be used for expenses related to the implementation of environmentally sound road maintenance (ESM) practices on dirt and gravel roads and low volume paved roads.  The implementation of ESM practices address identified pollution problems and reduce the impact of road runoff and sediment to local streams, while reducing long term road maintenance costs.

To apply for a DGLVR grant, applicants must first attend a two day "Environmentally Sensitive Maintenance" (ESM) training.  

Funding Opportunities

An annual appropriation of $28 Million is provided to the Commission for the DGLVR program with a minimum of $8 Million earmarked to paved low volume roads. 

The Commission provides an annual allocation to local conservation districts based on the amount of eligible roads and identified pollution sites in a county.

The conservation district, based on local DGLVR program policy, award grants to eligible public road-owning entities.

Eligible Costs

  • Engineering
  • Materials
  • Labor – contractor or municipality
  • Equipment and/or use of equipment utilized on eligible projects

How to Apply

Public entities such as townships, cities and boroughs may apply to the conservation districts for grant funding. 

Conservation districts establish their own grant application periods. 

Upon completion and approval of an application by the conservation district, the applicant will enter into contracts with the county conservation district to complete project work. 

 Applicants can complete project work themselves or by hiring contractors.

Contact your county DGLVR program specialist for additional information about the program.


Roy Richardson DGLVR Program Manager

PA Department of Agriculture | State Conservation Commission

2301 North Cameron Street | Harrisburg, PA 17110

Phone: 717.787.2103