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The Taxonomy Section is charged with identifying insects of agricultural concern to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This section's entomologists are the primary identifiers of all target insects collected by our staff through various pest surveys, as well as all insects submitted by PDA Plant Inspectors during routine inspections.  Additionally, the entomologists answer inquiries and reports submitted via the invasive species hotline and BadBug e-mail address.  

If you suspect you have an insect that is an invasive species or of regulatory concern, please complete a sample submission form found in the publications sidebar. The form provides sample submission directions, requirements, and mailing instructions. Questions can be directed to the Invasive Species Reporting Line (1-866-253-7189) or by email to

For identifications pertaining to general inquiries or human health issues you should contact your PennState Extension county office.

This section is also responsible for the maintenance and expansion of the PDA's arthropod collection. The collection serves as a taxonomic resource for academic research and federal survey programs through collaborative projects and loans.