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Plastic Pesticide Container Recycling Program

This program is available to all licensed pesticide applicators. In order to participate in the program, applicators must ensure that all containers are free of all pesticide residue, inside and outside. Triple rinsing is required. All label booklets, plastic sleeves and caps should be removed and discarded. Only #2 HDPE plastic containers from EPA registered agricultural, structural, turf, forestry, and specialty pest control products, as well as containers from crop oils, surfactants, and fertilizers, will be accepted. For more information, see the PPCR photo guide and also the directory of public sites.  

Plastic pesticide container recycling benefits PA pesticide applicators in many ways:

    • Rinsing all the pesticide into their spray tank, applicators get maximum product for their money
    • Recycled containers reduce unsightly clutter and provide for needed landfill space
    • Recycled containers do not contaminate the air or groundwater by being burned or buried

Collected containers are granulated into chips and recycled into corrugated drain pipe and other products.

How to Triple-Rinse Your Containers:

    1. Shake vigorously and empty contents of container into spray tank, turning the container so that any product trapped in the handle is allowed to flow out. Once flow is down to a drip, allow the container to drain for an additional 30 seconds.   
    2. Immediately begin rinsing procedures or the product may become difficult to remove.
    3. Fill container 1/4 full of water.
    4. Replace the cap on the container. With the container opening facing left, shake the container left to right over a distance of four to six inches. Shake the container about twice per second for 30 seconds.
    5. Drain rinse water into spray tank as previously described.
    6. Fill the container 1/4 full of water a second time.
    7. Recap the container. With the opening of the container pointed towards the ground, shake the container as described before. Then drain the rinse water into the spray tank.
    8. Finally, fill the container 1/4 full of water once more with clean water.
    9. Recap the container. With the opening of the container in the normal upright position, shake the container as you did before, 30 seconds with a four to six inch vertical motion, twice per second.
    10. Pour the rinse water into the spray tank. Carefully rinse the outside of the container.
    11. Remove foil seal and label booklet.
    12. Recycle the container!

For additional assistance with the recycling program, please call 717-705-5858.