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Not all Retail Food Facilities (temporary or permanent) in Pennsylvania are under the jurisdiction of the PA Department of Agriculture.  Six counties - Allegheny, Bucks, Chester, Erie, Montgomery, and Philadelphia - have county health departments, and conduct retail inspections and licensing in their jurisdictions.  Some local municipalities, boroughs, townships, cities, etc., also do their own inspection and licensing of Retail Food Facilities, including fairs and other temporary events.

If your facility or event is, or will be, located in a Local Health jurisdiction you should contact the local health department for assistance with licensing.

Temporary Licenses

Temporary licenses are only valid as described below.  If a proprietor intends to sell more than 14 calendar days in a calendar year, they must obtain a permanent license.  To obtain a Temporary License, fill out "Application Packet-Temporary License-NON-mobile".  If your facility is mobilized, please fill out "Application Packet- Mobile Food Facilities" For Permanent License- Please visit the Retail Food Facilities and Restaurants program page.

Requirements for a temporary license:

(i) A license that is the following:

a. Issued to the operator of a temporary food facility (*TFF).

b. Valid for the duration of a particular event or celebration (such as a fair or carnival) of no more than 14 days duration (whether these days are consecutive or nonconsecutive)


(ii) A license that is the following:

a. Issued to a food facility operator operating a food facility, whether stationary or mobile

b. In operation for a total of no more than 14 days within a particular calendar year

c. Not in conjunction with an event or celebration

*A Temporary Food Facility, or TFF, is a food facility that operates for a period of no more than 14 consecutive days in a fixed location and in conjunction with a single event or celebration (such as a fair, festival, carnival or other transitory gathering).  A TFF or Fair Vendor must obtain a Retail Food License prior to operating a retail food facility.  A Temporary Food Facility or fair vendor can apply for either a temporary or permanent license with the department.  Regardless of whether a proprietor obtains a temporary or permanent license/registration, the Food Code has specific exemptions for those facilities defined as Temporary Food Facilities.

Licenses and registrations are non-transferable to another proprietor or a new facility or location.