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Everything you Need to Know about Spotted Lanternfly Permits

April 24, 2021 03:05 PM
By: Amy Higley

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To protect neighbors, communities, the agriculture industry and PA’s business vitality, everyone needs to be aware of the risks and how to utilize best management practices in their daily activities to avoid spreading spotted lanternfly. Spotted lanternfly permits are designed to raise awareness for businesses working in the quarantine area and to allow continued safe trade for companies.

What is the quarantine zone?

The state of Pennsylvania has a spotted lanternfly quarantine zone of 34 counties. 


What can those inside the quarantine zone do?

Businesses and organizations conducting business in the quarantine zone need to obtain a permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to move vehicles, equipment, and goods within and out of the zone.

How do I know if my company needs a permit?

if you are unsure if your business or organization is required to carry permits you can check out the business toolkit for information and a decision tree. More information is also available on the businesses webpage


How can I obtain a permit?

The permit training and testing resources are available through Penn State Cooperative Extension:


There are three sections in the course, with a quiz at the end of each sections. A score of 70 percent or greater is required to pass the exam.


Should all business employees take the exam?

No. The exam is a "train-the-trainer" course to train designated employees, usually an owner, manager, or supervisor within the company on how to comply with the quarantine regulations. The person taking the exam is responsible for entering the number of permits needed for each of their company vehicles. Once this employee passes the exam, he/she is then responsible for training other employees who are responsible for driving any company vehicle or conveyance, or handling, shipping, packaging or loading any regulated article.


How long does it take to receive a permit?

Once you take the permit exam, you can expect to receive the permit via email within one to two weeks. You may make copies of your course completion certificate to use temporarily, until the official permit arrives.

Why should businesses obtain a spotted lanternfly permit?

The permit indicates that the permittee is aware of spotted lanternfly and follows procedures to prevent it from spreading. 


What does the quarantine restrict the movement of?

  • Any living stage of spotted lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula. This includes egg masses, nymphs, and adults;
  • Anything that may harbor spotted lanternfly, such as:
  • Brush, debris, bark, or yard waste;
  • Landscaping, remodeling, or construction waste;
  • Logs, stumps, or any tree parts;
  • Firewood of any species;
  • Grapevines for decorative purposes or as nursery stock;
  • Nursery stock;
  • Crated materials; and
  • Outdoor household articles including recreational vehicles, lawn tractors and mowers, mower decks, grills, grill, and furniture covers, tarps, mobile homes, tile, stone, deck boards, mobile fire pits, any associated equipment and trucks or vehicles not stored indoors.


Who should I contact if I have a question regarding spottedlLanternfly permit?

For permit-specific questions, contact if you wish to schedule a meeting, go to

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